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Examples for Kindergarten with debe.decor

AWO-kindergarten by Axa

New building of a three-group kindergarten at the AXA premises in Cologne. Furniture and planning.

Kita Hühnerfeld

Kindergarten – furnishing and custom-made products

AWO Kindergarten by REWE

Furniture for an AWO Kindergarten on Maarweg, Cologne - new construction. 

Kindergarten Fröbel Kita at Siemens technology park, berlin

A kindergarten, lead by Fröbel e.V. for 120 children in Siemens technology-park, Berlin. Furniture and planning.

Kindergarten Rehkids

A provate Kindergarten with two groups (age under 3) at mediapark, Cologne. 

AWO-Kindergarten by LVR in Cologne

New construction and furniture of a three-group kindergarten.

Zeiträume Köln

A private two-group kindergarten with affiliated bureaus in Cologne. 

Kindergarten Kleingemünd

Kindergarten in a low energy house. Furniture for four groups, including adjoining rooms. 

Kita Käpt`n Kaninchen

A private kindergarten in a duplex house in Hamburg-Schnelsen. 

Eddersheimer School

Lockers with shelves for slatchets in a elementary school in the Taunus. 

Kinderladen 41 / Sülzbande e.V.

Kindergarten for a parent initiative in Cologne

Kindergarten " Am Park", Haan

An extension to an evangelical kindergarten in Haan.

Kindergarten Yorckstr. in Dortmund

A kindergarten under the funding body of the child protection agency Dortmund. 

Kindergarten "50 Freunde" by PrimaFamilia

Reopening of a private Kindergarten in an renovated furniture shop in Cologne-Bayenthal. 

Kindergarten PunktPunktKommaStrich

A private kindergarten in an old house in Bonn. 

Kindergarten of VzF Taunus

Playground for U-3 Gruppen

Kindergarten "Zwergenreich"

A private kindergarten with four groups in an old castle in Essen.