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debe.decor - Storage

Toys, crafting material, Instruments, etc. … to store this many things and to keep the room clean we created a system, that provides room for all things in the daily life of a kindergarten. 

debe.decor cabinet furniture are manufactured ot of white melamine plates with edges out of massive beech. 

The furniture range consits of lower podests on which cupboards in three different Heights can be put. Cupboards can be equipped with doors (white or in ten different colors) and stacking boxes out of massive beech. 

Every product is purchasable via our Onlineshop.

Our higher modules, that consist of a sitting podest (80cm in depth) with two boxes and a 200cm toll cupboard, are especially practical. The upper two third are closed with doors an store the things, only the tutors are allowed to reach. The lower third is reachable for children and can be stored with all kinds of toys.

The stacking box are available in three different widths. For day nursery children with a front of plexiglass, to see whats inside.

If there is any possiblity that our measures doesn't fit we can offer you Zustrom-made furniture.