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debe.decor - furniture for Kindergarten, day nursery and elementary school

Individually combinable cupboards, suites, sleeping podests and playing areas – our furniture for Kindergarten, day nursery and schools all fit your special needs.

The endloses combinable modules structure every room and create spaces and rooms to relax. Because of ist high Quality production and the light and friendly design, the furniture recedes and gets part of the architecture. Room for the essential is created: Areas to play and room for the creative development of your child.  

High-quality kindergarten furniture from de Breuyn - stable and safe

In particular, kindergarten furniture and furnishings from schools and day care centres should not only look great. These pieces of furniture have been used particularly hard over many years and generations and have to offer every child the necessary safety anew - because exuberant play is only great fun if children and carers can count on reliable stability.
With the high-quality kindergarten furniture from de Breuyn, you don't have to take any risks for your protégés. The solid materials ensure safe use without risk of injury and are particularly easy to clean. Simply wiped off, the traces of the day disappear in no time at all!

Always find the right solution with debe.decor kindergarten furniture

Great storage options, age-appropriate seating and unique play areas: At de Breuyn, you'll find practical, practical solutions that meet the highest design standards, with fancy ideas for unbridled fun and bright children's eyes.
Our kindergarten furniture has already proven itself in the everyday life of many day nurseries, schools and crèches and will also enrich your furnishings over a long period of time - and accompany many children on the beginning of their lives!

Here you will finde many reference photos.

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