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kasva - materials

Bed parts

All structural components of the KASVA bed system are made of high-quality solid beech. The FSC certified wood from regenerative cultivation comes from the beech forests of Slovenia. The carefully dried wood is planed down to the appropriate final dimensions with a high degree of craftsmanship and cut. We only use continuous lamellas.

Play structures and accessories

All accessories of the KASVA collection are made of 18mm birch multiplex panels with a solid oak veneer, an extremely stable material. The surfaces are oiled and polished by hand. The bed drawer and the console drawer each have a front in oak multiplex and one in white. The additional shelves for the shelves are made of oak veneered E1 chipboard with a solid oak edge. They are also oiled.




The shelves, doors, bed boxes, the table base and the front panels of the KASVA collection are made of MDF (medium density fibreboard). MDF is a homogeneous material which is pressed from finely frayed, mainly bark-free softwood and is particularly suitable for lacquered surfaces.




The cabinet doors as well as the small and large panel elements of the KASVA collection are also made of MDF and then painted with black school board varnish. The front element of the bed is also available with a choice of school blackboard lacquer. This surface can be written on or painted with chalk and is washable.