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Kuka Kids

From the cot to the living room: the flexible, convertible, element can be built into new furniture at any time.

Annika Marie Buchberber's design won the Kids Design Award 2015/2016.

"Because of its reduced use of forms, the designer manages to implement a timeless design, which can be used for a long period of time and in many different ways because of its meaningful functionality." - that was the motivation of the jury last year. 

We liked this design so much that we ensured the advancement, production and marketing of Kuka Kids as a "design godparent".

Kukua Kids - construction kit

The Kuka Kids construction set consists of a shelving unit, a four legged base with three different leg sets and a frame, a cot basket and two insertable desk tops. The base and frame are made of FSC-certified oak wood, and the shelving unit and desks are melamine, constructed to DIN standards..

So it is able to construct a changing unit with a cot and bench, later on a children's desk with a bench and shelf, and after that a bench and shelving units. 

How easy the conversion can be done is shown in this short movie

The changing board can be put on the desk to get a working board, which is shielded on three sides – for working, crafting and drawing. 

By clicking on the flyer, you can see our online catalogue.

Here you will find an interview between Annika Marie Buchberber and Katja Runge, in which she talks about her furniture and that was published on the platform afilii.

Kukua Kids - Construction 1

Kukua Kids - Construction 2

Kukua Kids - Construction 3