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debe.detail Ziggy - a desk for children

The different types of Ziggy, our desk for children, fits all three furniture ranges. The top is made of hand glued wooden slats, either full length (to match debe.deluxe) or comprised of shorter slats (to match debe.destyle) or with a white melamine top (to match debe.delite). Ziggy is purchasable in natural oiled or in 16 different colors. The metallic frame is available in either white or grey-metallic. 

Ziggy is adjustable in height from 50 cm to 75cm. That means, it can be used starting in Kindergarten till adulthood. 

The big 68 x 120cm tabletop offers enough working space and fits in every small children's room. Thanks to its unique frame, children can sit on the table from all four sides – for playing, crafting and drawing. 

Ziggy is purchasable via our Online-Shop

Ziggy with full length tabletop - DBD-850

This model has a full length tabletop, which can be tilted if wanted or needed. In its' lowest height with an lower edge of 50cm it can perfectly combined with our changing chair "Wandelstuhl". 

Ziggy with separated tabletop - DBD-860

This model has a separated tabletop. One third of the board can be used as a horizontal depot for a lamp or other accessories, while the other two third of the working board can be tilted – for ergonomic sitting and working.  Ziggy can also be built side-inverted.