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debe.detail - children' chair and childrens' table

Perfectly adapted childrens' chairs and childrens' tables – ages 1-6 – are available in solid massive beech or in ten different colors. This well-thought childrens' suite is something we never want to miss again. 

Children with changing chairs


The debe.detail changing chair "Wandelstuhl" is the optimal childrens' chair for 1 year old children. The chair is solidly built and reduces tipping over risks, toddlers can even push it along as a play item, or can use it as a baby walker. "Wandelstuhl" is produced with white HPL with a coloured seating or in massive oiled beech. 

"Wandelstuhl" combines the following seat heights: 12cm for children of at least one year, 20cm for children of at least two years and 32cm for children of at least three years old. 

The stacking chair

The stacking chair has a seating height of 34cm. The rounded back rest and its cavity makes this chair especially comfortable. Because of the stacking it is easy to make room to play. The stacking chair is available natural lacquered, stained white and plain lacquered. 


The children's tables are solidly built. They are purchasable in two different sizes: 60 x 60cm and 60 x 90cm. The tables have an ideal seating height  to fit our changing chair. Every table comes with four blocks, that can be mounted under the seat bases. So even our children's table is adaptable in height to the age of your child. The tabletop is available in massive beech or in white HPL.

You even can buy the bigger tables of debe.decor, that are available in sizes 60x120 cm, 80x140 cm and 80x240 cm, as well as the round or trapeze formed table. Every table fits the seating heights of our stacking chairs.