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The world of teenagers

‘Twin-over-full’ - The ultimate teenager’s bed

the DESTYLE Twin-over-full bunk bed from the front
Have fun in the Twin-over-full bunk bed
the cosy interior of the twin-over-full youth bed
matching sideboard cabinets from the DESTYLE collection
Twin-over-full solid beech bed

The ‘Twin-over-full’ bunk bed is an ideal multi-use solution for a child’s or teenager’s room. Its carefully thought-through construction design guarantees stability and safety. The lower bed is 140 cm wide, providing a cosy space for parents and children; an additional bed for guests or the ultimate teenager’s sleeping and living area.

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The upper 90 cm bunk can be accessed using a ladder at the side and functions as a place for storage, to sleep or to be quiet. Siblings, including ones with a large age gap, can use both beds according to their needs, allowing them to share a room without compromising on their requirements.

When combined with a pull-out guest bed, the ‘Twin-over-full’ provides sleeping facilities for 4 people in a 2.5 m² space, thus also making it an ideal solution for holiday homes!

The four-poster for teens

four-poster bed with pull-out guest bed
The DESTYLE shelf panel
the semicircular storage table at the four-poster bed
decorate with DESTYLE textiles

The DESTYLE canopy bed is available as a stand-alone piece of furniture or can be assembled using the ‘5-in-1’ basic bed kit as required. The teenager’s version comes without the front protective rail. This beautiful canopy bed is also available with a 140 x 200cm frame. Fitted with a shelf panel on the back and with plenty of soft cushions the bed can be used as a comfortable sofa. The pull-out guest bed provides space for friends and overnight guests.

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The teenager`s loft bed

The DESTYLE Youth Loft Bed in white
 for relaxed sleep...
A lot of space under the youth loft bed
Cabinets from DESTYLE
[Translate to English:] DESTYLE Schränke - Platz für wichtige Dinge
under the loft bed

The DESTYLE teenager’s high-level bed has a lower mattress edge which is 142 cm off the floor. The mattress is surrounded by a low rail, providing a quiet place to sleep and be alone while still allowing a view of what is going on. The versatile space underneath the bed can be used for a wide range of activities.

It is big enough for a desk; matching DESTYLE cupboards or a seating area for kids to ‘chill’.

The teenager’s loft bed is a version of the ‘5-in-1’ basic bed but can also be purchased separately and is available with a 140x200 cm frame.

The 140x200 cm high-level bed is also a good option for a student moving into their first digs, where space is always at a premium.

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DESTYLE - height-adjustable writing tablet
DESTYLE wardrobe with coloured doors
Detail of the DESTYLE writing tablet
the lateral ladder ascent
Youth loft bed DESTYLE in nature
Shelf panel and writing tablet DESTYLE