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debe.destyle - Kids Room 09

An adventurous kids' room with a treehouse bed

Sleep below and play safely up top: This bed offers all the attractions of a bunk bed and so you can go for sleeping below. Bruno gets bedded and parents can tell bedtime stories. 

To reach your kid at night, the parents can lay aside or sit beside. It can be played safely up to, like in a real tree house. With the small playing table and a picnic, it can get really cozy on top.

The treehouse bed is available for purchase at our Online-Shop

The metallic frame of the desk Ziggy guarantees extreme stability and heigh adjustment. The desk can be reached from every single side – for example, for playing board games.

The upper platform has a crane with a textile bucket. 

The plush-toy Bruno with his attachable bed and bedding clothes comes with every treehouse bed. There is also a story behind it!