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debe.destyle - Kids Room 07

A room with a bunk bed for two children – in plain white

This bed construction is suited for children starting ages 4. The frame is high enough to safe them during playtime. Beneath the bunk bed, a second lying area can be placed. Two shelves under the bed provide additional storage – even with compartments when needed.

The quarter circle desk can be mounted to every edge inside the bed an provides space for all kinds of stuff.. The wall shelf and the high shelf offer enough storage for books or toys.

The adjustable desk Ziggy is also available in white with a white metal frame. The working board can easily be tilted – for a healthy posture. The drawer can be mounted on either the left or the right side and if needed a drawer container can be placed under the desk. 

In combination with the tall book shelf, it's ideal for future pupils. 

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