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Nursery design - furniture with a long-term perspective

If you want to create a warm and practical nursery, de Breuyn is the right place to start with. We not only offer beautifully designed children and youth furniture, we also provide concepts for setting the perfect nursery on our website and stores which will surely inspire you.

Parents are often amazed at how fast their children grow – both physically and in terms of individual needs. As soon as you buy a new pair of shoes, it becomes small in size. The case is same with jackets and pants.

In order ensure that our furniture never grow out of use, we have created our furniture in such a way that they can adapt themselves to new circumstances. For example if your infant daughter starts going to school or now has a baby brother, the structure of our furniture can be altered to do justice to the changed situations.

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Our vision while developing our range of furniture is simple - our beds, wardrobes and related products must be sturdy enough to withstand a lot, should “grow” with the children and must be produced using natural resources in a sustainable manner.