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Natural materials, sustainability and ecology

As conscientious makers of children’s furniture, it is very important for us that we treat our premium quality furniture with organic oils.

We use only FSC certified solid wood from renewable cultivation and DIN approved plate materials and paints for our furniture.

Our fabrics are made from 100% cotoon according to the Ökotex 100 standards.

Solid Beech

We use solid beech wood to craft our beds. The parts of the bed are attached together with 5cm wide solid wood bolts. We are frugal with resources and use small parts. The wood is finely sanded and its surface is coated with biological oil wax and beautifully polished.


Our modular cabinets are made of solid spruce with a fine veneer of solid beech, which gives a wonderfully even wood pattern. We smoothen the edges with 5mm thick band made of solid wood, specially crafted by us using raw materials. All parts of the bed are smoothened, polished and sealed with natural oil.

Medium-density fibreboard

The doors of the debe.destyle are extremely durable. They are made from strong fibre and are painted thrice in an elaborate painting process. The handles are made of solid beech.


Our fabrics are made from 100% pure cotton with 230g / m². They are woven and dyed in Germany and meet the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. All textile products are sewed in our factory in Czech Republic.