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debe.destyle - the world of colour

Here you will see how the intensity of the orange colour varies depending on the texture of the material.

Stain Colours

We colour all our bed components and cabinets in a water soluble wooden paint. The pigments penetrate about 1mm into the wood fibres. The surface is then sealed with a clear coat with matte finish.

topcoat orange 43


We first use a white primer on the wood and the coat it twice with a fully opaque silk gloss varnish. In this way, the doors also have a uniform colour.

fabric orange 43


The matching cotton textiles have a Panama weave structure that is similar to linen and is dyed in an abrasion resistant colour using a renewable process.

16 Stain Colours          All components of our beds and cabinet are available in these 16 colours. The wood is first painted in a water-based colour and then clear coated.

16 Topcoats          The doors and drawer fronts of destyle cabinet system are available in these 16 colours. This full texture silky and glossy varnish is coated twice as a primer. 

12 Fabrics      Our textiles are available in the same colours. The fabric is dyed using a fixed formula, according to our specifications in our German textile factory so the colour remains intact even after years of use.