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Children’s rooms for kindergarten kids from approx. 4 years

The raised play bed for big children.

With its lower mattress edge 120 cm off the floor, the high-level DESTYLE play bed is designed for ‘advanced’ raised bed sleepers from approximately 4 years of age. Children are now able to climb up onto the bed and turn out the light without help. They feel ‘big’.



This version of the ‘5-in-1’ basic bed is perfect for children aged from 4 to 10 years. The new height provides more of a challenge and is more fun when climbing, however the bed still has high, secure protective rails to guard against falls. It has more space underneath the mattress, with enough room for the average six-year old to stand.

DESTYLE play bed with slide

This play bed can be used for rough-and-tumble games, jumping and other activities without any risk of injury. Great accessories like the detachable slide; the practical hook-in box or the multifunctional chair add to the fun. The play bench with drawer and versatile shelves in numerous versions provide plenty of storage, while our picture rails are a good way to present children’s artwork.

Lots of toy storage space with DESTYLE cupboards
The DESTYLE drawer pedestal
the DESTYLE hanging box
perfect details
Drawer fronts in 16 colours
Lots of space under the DESTLE high loft bed
Drawer pedestal and shelf of the DESTYLE collection
Detail of the drawer pedestal

Play and learning merge

Comfortable and safe in the DESTYLE loft bed
the practical hanging box
the lateral ladder entry into the DESTYLE loft bed
the height-adjustable play and writing tablet
the drawer pedestal for toys

The DESTYLE basic bed is available in two versions: with a ladder to the left or right of the head end, meaning that there is always an ideal solution whatever the room’s layout!

The height-adjustable desk and play table which has a 60x200cm top and can be easily built into the bed frame is a great accessory for the raised bed. It starts at bench or play table height and can be adjusted up to adult height, accompanying your child well into their teenage years.

The play bed can be transformed into a bunk bed by adding a second bed.

relaxed life with children and dog
lots of space between the lying surfaces
this is what it looks like inside the bed
Storage space with DESTYLE cupboards
Bed boxes for the lower lying surface

A second bed can be added to this and all higher versions of the ‘5-in-1’ basic bed whenever you want to transform the raised bed into a bunk bed for two children. The lower bed can be fitted with an extra rail to make it cosier, particularly if our soft cushions are added, allowing the bed to also be used as a sofa.

Two large pull-out drawers fit perfectly under the bed, providing plenty of storage. Another option for under the bed is our pull-out guest bed for friends and visitors.