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Children’s rooms for toddlers from 2.5 years

The lowest raised play bed

DESTYLE low playing bed with additional frame
cozy bedroom in the play bed
 DESTYLE cabinets
the matching child seat group

The low-level DESTYLE play bed is the beginner’s raised bed. The platform is just 75cm off the floor, meaning that it is at eye level for 2.5 year olds and easy to climb onto. This version also has protective rails on all sides, making it safe for young children to use.

The protective rails are placed at roughly hip-height, meaning that children cannot fall out, even if they jump about on the bed or push each other.

Important for parents:

Both bed heights allow you to easily reach your child wherever they are on the mattress. You can pull the bedclothes back over them at night; comfort them if they have a bad dream or clean up ‘accidents’ quickly. The low height also allows you to lift a sleeping child into bed over the protective rail without waking them, making the DESTYLE bed perfect for overcoming any everyday challenge.

The space under the bed is ideal for a cosy den with a mattress and cushions; for play benches with drawers or for low DESTYLE cabinets. The large wardrobe will become remain an integral feature of the room as its owner grows.

A children’s table and multifunctional chairs in a matching look finish off the room perfectly. The multifunctional chairs are available in three heights and for children from 1.5 years.

The second version of the raised play bed

The middle DESTYLE play bed also has a high frame
DESTYLE middle play bed with slide in the middle
the slide is hooked into the ladder
adjustable DESTYLE slide for bunk beds

The mattress height of this mid-level play bed is one notch higher than for the low-level version. With a lower mattress edge which is 97 cm off the floor, this bed is suitable for children from approx. 3 years and offers more space underneath it for storage, to sit or to play. Due to the additional height, climbing on or up the bed also becomes a little more exciting.

The adjustable slide is a great accessory which you simply hook over the ladder rungs and provides children with a fun but safe way to slide. In addition to this, it can also be used as a racing track for cars or as a steep ramp.