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Children’s rooms for toddlers from 1.5 years

The canopy bed with protective rails on all four sides makes a perfect first ‘big’ bed after a cot.

The canopy bed with a mattress which is raised only slightly above the floor and protective rails on all four sides is a classic choice for toddlers transitioning from nursery to child’s bedroom. It is one of the versions of the DESTYLE ‘5 in1’ basic bed and, paired with curtains and large and small cushions, really cosy. Your toddler will feel safe and secure in the gentle embrace of this bed,rn, Kissen und Vorhängen wird es kuschelig. Hier fühlen sich die Kleinen geborgen und weich umarmt.

making the move from a cocooning cot to a ‘big’ bed that much easier. The frame is 90 cm wide and 200 cm long, ensuring that there is enough room for you to lie down comfortably with your little one.

The DESTYLE four-poster bed with frame and slide

The canopy bed with its three- or four-side protective rail is reminiscent of a cot with its protective, high bars, making the transition from cot to a new bed much easier. Another big advantage is that parents can also join their child in a 90 x 200 cm bed.

The pull-out guest bed offers another option, allowing friends to sleep over. Or for Mum or Dad to watch over and comfort their little one when they are suffering from one of those miserable childhood illnesses.

The DESTYLE slide, which can be hooked into the bedframe, is a great additional play option. All children have to do is crawl onto the bed and then slide back down. This is a great, fun way to boost physical coordination and can be easily removed at bedtime.

The multifunctional toddler’s chair can be used to sit on, play with or as a bedside table. The practical hook-in box is an absolute must.

All furniture is available in natural wood or white with cupboard doors in 16 great colours.

 the cosy bed inside the four-poster bed
DESTYLE curtains
DESTYLE canopy
practical DESTYLE bed drawers
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the DESTYLE hanging box