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debe.destyle - cabinet system

The great thing about timeless debe.destyle modular furniture is that its shape, fittings and colours are so variable that it can be easily adapted to changes in the way a room is used. The cupboards and shelves in the debe.destyle children’s furniture collection will thus accompany you for many years, enriching the lives of big and small family members.

For storage or as a wardrobe: A children’s cupboard from the debe.destyle range is easy to re-design, extend or change, offering a variety of sizes and on-trend colours to reflect your current taste.

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destyle cabinets in use
 destyle cabinet combination
[Translate to English:] destyle Spielschrank Kombination
destyle chest of drawers
destyle sideboard cabinets
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[Translate to English:] destyle Regal in natur
estyle play platform with roll box

destyle cupboards have a solid beech veneer and solid rounded beech edges. Surfaces are available in naturally oiled or stained white and clear varnished versions. The white finish allows the wood’s grain to shimmer through, giving a high-end look.

Give a child’s room a visual highlight with de Breuyn children’s cupboards or shelves in the on-trend DESTYLE look.

destyle wardrobe line with wardrobe and shelves

The perfect wardrobe - three bloggers try their hands

We invited bloggers Alina, Dajana and Mihaela to a workshop at which they were able to put together their perfect wardrobe using DESTYLE modular elements. Read on to find out about the results:




Click here to find the wardrobes in our Onlineshop!

Shelf doors and drawers according to your needs and individual design

Choose debe.destyle and let your creativity go wild. The doors, available in four different sizes, can be mounted to open either to the left or the right while their layout and colour can be changed over and over again. In addition to doors, all children’s cupboards can also be fitted with colourful sets of drawers. Each set consists of two pre-assembled drawers stacked on top of each other and which together are the same height as our small cupboard door. Simply push them into the shelf slots.

All doors and drawer fronts are available in the 16 on-trend colours shown below.

Discover our adaptable debe.destyle children’s furniture and modular cupboard and shelf systems for yourself. The range of options is as versatile and individual as your ideas!

  • Bodies available in naturally oiled or stained white and varnished.
  • A play bench with rolling box
  • Four shelf heights, all 40cm deep
  • Two wardrobe bodies, both 219 cm tall
  • Additional shelves and sets of drawers
  • Drawer front and four door sizes
  • Doors available in 16 colours
  • Combinable and stackable
  • Can be individually configured

The sixteen destyle door colours

The DESTYLE cabinet materials

The bodies

DESTYLE collection modular furniture is manufactured from MDF with real beech wood veneer and has 3mm thick, solid beech glued edging. All materials are low in harmful substances and E1-certified. They have rounded edges, are sanded and, just like the bed components, are available in naturally oiled beech or stained white and varnished. Stand-alone items such as the rolling boxes or boxes are made from solid beech wood.

 Wood sample DESTYLE cabinet oiled
Detail of the platform

Doors and fronts

DESTYLE collection doors and drawer fronts are manufactured from sturdy MDF (=medium-density fibre board) and finished with a water-soluble hydro-varnish which is low in harmful substances. All items are available in 16 on-trend colours. Handles are made from solid beech wood.

DESTYLE drawer fronts
DESTYLE Door detail