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debe.destyle - cabinet system

Discover possibilities: You decide the subdivision and color

The good thing about the timeless debe.destyle furniture: they are variable in shape, layout and color, starting from the corpus on. Like the bed they can be purchased in 16 different colors or natural oiled, stained and varnished. The wood structure still is visible. 

Doors and drawers provide the typical debe.destyle look and create calm and order. Special refinement: the edges of the door are rounded. 

The cabinet bodies are available in 4 Differenz heights, to meet the needs of different room sizes. The shelf heights are matched to our bed dimensions and fit perfectly between the corner posts the bed ends, or underneath the various bed heights. 

The wardrobe is available in two heights and two widths. The corpus is 60 cm deep, allowing both Schilderns' and adluts' clothes to be hung on coat hangers. Every wardrobe body is delivered with a clothes rail and two fixed bases for the construction, further shelves and rails can be bought as necessary. 

There are four door sizes, which can be mounted to either from the left or the right hand, and fit on every shelf or wardrobe. Your advantage: you always can change the partition and colors of your shelves. 

All doors and covers are purchasable in 16 different colors. The colored scale can be seen as below or in the column materials + colors. 

As with the cabinets, the wardrobes can be fitted with doors and drawers as desired. These are each two pre-mounted drawers which are equipped with colored covers. The two drawers are the same height as the wardrobe doors.