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debe.destyle - adventure bed "Brunos' treehouse"

Small children want to fly a higher game - to watch the world through the eyes of a "tall one. They are playing inside the little hut, hide in caves or read their favorite books inside the treehouse. For these fanciful boys and girls, we created this bed: Sleep below and play safely up top. 

On the robust platform, below the exotic bamboo roof, eher is enough space to play. A picnic with Bruno, listening to some music or stories or playing with the crane.

Who is Bruno?

May we introduce: Bruno! The little tapir, hero from the de Breuyn comic-strips, is always where there are adventures. As a cuddly plush-toy he is a nice and friendly addition to the treehouse.

Bruno is especially excited when he first gets bedded by his new owner. And when he is that excited, it will be that easy for the child to end the day in the new bed.

Bruno is up for anything. Lazy as he is, he enjoys being pulled up in the crane, to have a nice picnic on top on the table. 

The crane - for extra playing in the adventure bed

Children love to move things on their own. They are proud of themselves and feel strong. That's where the crane comes in handy: with its winch and bucket, designed for small hands and "forward-cranking" for efficient movement. Be careful Bruno, you are going up!

And after playing?

"Brunos dream" is a real quick-change artist: Take the adventure bed as it is - with the accessoires you want. If your child is not that playful anymore the divan bed can be placed on its own. The play house can also be placed in the room on its own. Simple as that with our conversion kit. 

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