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‘Bruno’s treehouse bed’ adventure bed

See the world from above and have adventures: Lots of children want to be on top of things and love climbing. Our DESTYLE ‘Bruno’s Treehouse’ adventure bed is designed to stimulate the imagination. Children can explore the little house; play hide and seek or sit in the treehouse with their favourite book before falling asleep, tired after all the day’s experiences.

The ‘Bruno’s treehouse’ bed allows children to experience something new every day. It is the starting point for lots of new ideas for games. A tea party for the whole family; a quest for a treasure chest in the jungle or just listening to favourite stories.

The DESTYLE ‘Treehouse bed’ is our innovative, imaginative play bed. It has two levels for different uses. A play and climbing tower is built over a lower sleeping area, where children can sleep in a cosy environment. The half-height upper level provides a platform for playing under the comfortable treehouse’s bamboo roof.

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The Treehouse Crane - for extra fun with the adventure bed

Children love being able to move things by themselves and feeling really strong. A crane is a great extra for games with friends. Our crane with a rope winch and fabric bucket is especially designed for small hands. Its ‘forward cranking technology’ ensures efficient transfer of power.

“Get ready, here it comes!” The basket can be used to rescue sweets; supply a building site and carry Bruno up and down.

the crane crank
The crane at the tree house bed
The bamboo roof on the DESTYLE tree house bed
the utensil box
comfortable reading lesson in the tree house bed

A fantastic adventure bed! But who is this Bruno?

Bruno in a tree house bed
the soft stuffed animal Bruno
[Translate to English:] Bruno im Kranaufzug
Bruno ready to go to sleep

Allow us to introduce him: This is Bruno - a cuddly tapir who is the hero of our de Breuyn comics. Wonderfully soft and very sociable, this cuddly toy is an integral part of any treehouse adventure. He loves discovering new things, but what Bruno likes most is being put to bed in the evening by his new owner. Seeing Bruno snuggling contentedly under his blankets will make it easy for even the most reluctant sleeper to end the day in their own bed. Everything is so much easier when Bruno’s with you!

Cuddly, soft Bruno is always willing to join in, even if he’s a bit lazy. He loves being pulled up in the crane’s bucket; stopping for a snack at the hook-in table andhelping eat the food or having an exciting story read to him.

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And what happens when you don’t want to play anymore? Our adventure bed can also be converted!