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debe.destyle - bed system

The best bedding solution for every age thanks to the adjustable restyle base-bed

This short film shows just how robust and ‘unbreakable’ our DESTYLE beds are. Enabling us to offer a lifetime guarantee!

Our destyle bed systems make life so easy for you. Use the parts supplied in our basic kit to assemble five different kinds of bed suitable for any child, from a toddler to a teenager.  We also offer separate teenagers’ beds; canopy beds and teenagers’ high-level beds in 90x200 or 140x200 sizes. ‘Bruno’s Treehouse Bed’ with a crane and bamboo roof is the perfect adventure bed for very young children while the ‘Twin-over-full’ bunk bed with its combination of single and double beds in one is a special highlight for teenagers.

destyle basic bed: 1 kit = 5 settings

One construction kit and one price for five different options! The right bed height for all ages!

Optionally available with the ladder at the front as Basic Bed B or with the ladder at the head end as Basic Bed S, in naturally oiled beech or in white.

Canopy bed

For children from approx. 1.5 years

A cosy bed for toddlers with protective rails on all four sides (23cm high) and a mattress raised only slightly above the floor. If desired, additional frame boards can be added to increase the rail height.

Low playing bed

For children from approx. 2.5 years

The lower edge of the mattress is 74.5 cm off the floor, making it perfect for raised bed beginners. Additional frame boards can be added to the protective rails, which go around all four sides, to increase their height to 45 cm (= children’s hip height).

Mid-level play bed

For children from approx. 3 years

Also a ‘starter bed’ but with a slightly higher mattress (lower edge 97cm off the floor). The 68 cm high protective rails ensure that children are safe when playing. Important for night times: Parents can easily reach their child, wherever they are on the mattress.

High playing bed

For children starting ages 4

The playing bunk bed for the "big ones" has a lower edge of 119cm (standing height of 6 year olds) and a from with a height of 45cm. Also a second lying are can be built. 

Teenager’s high-level bed

For children from approx. 8 years

This version is designed for older children and teenagers. Since they no longer play and jump about on the bed, the height of the protective rails has been reduced to 23cm and there is plenty of space under the bed for a sofa, desk or cupboards.

Teenagers' bed

Canopy bed

Teenager’s high-level bed

The teenager’s bed is available with a rail around three sides; a headboard or at a low level without a rail. The frame is available in 90 x 200 cm or in a teenager’s 140 x 200 cm version. Additional under-bed storage drawers, a pull-out guest bed with mattress or a bedside table are available as accessories.

The canopy bed is also available in a pared-back version for teenagers, with 90 x 200cm or 140 x 200cm frames. Additional rails as a backrest or combined with pillows and cushions plus curtains and canopies in 12 colours are available as accessories.

With a lower mattress edge height of 148cm off the floor, the Teenager’s high-level bedteen bedroom 2 offers plenty of space underneath the bed for a sofa, cupboards or the practical destyle integrated desk which has an 80x200cm top and can be built into the bed frame. This is a good alternative for small rooms. Also available with a 140 x 200cm frame. 

Bruno’s Treehouse Bed

Play on the top, sleep underneath. This bed is a dream come true for the mothers of many small children. The ‘Treehouse’ bed provides space for adventurous but safe play under the exotic bamboo roof. It comes with a crane and cuddly animal Bruno and his extra hook-on bed.

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The ‘Twin-over-full’ is our new bed for teenagers. It has a 140 x 200cm lower bed with an additional 90 x 200cm bed for guests above it. Plenty of space to hang out with friends on the bed; to chill out or to surf the Web while leaning back on the comfortable back rest cushions.

If required, the Basic Bed S can also be converted into a ‘Full-over-twin” later!

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The materials

Our DESTYLE beds are manufactured exclusively from solid beech wood from certified suppliers. The bed components are using 5cm-wide solid wood beams which are assembled from 30-40cm-long elements. We also use small segments from the tree trunk. This allows us to make the best and most economical use our natural resources. The raw timber is treated using a special process involving hot steam to ensure that it has a uniform colour and is then dried to room humidity. This prevents the wood from cracking as it ages.

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The timber is given a natural surface finish by using a natural oil which is heated and sprayed onto the wood before it is polished by hand. This gives an extremely robust, resistant finish.

white stained and clear varnished

White surfaces are produced by finely sanding the wood; applying a water-soluble wood stain by hand and then sealing it with a hydro-varnish.

DESTYLE bed dimensions at a glance