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debe.destyle - bed system

The best bedding solution for every age thanks to the adjustable restyle base-bed

The destyle bed system makes it easy for you. The the parts of our basic construction kit it is easy for you to build five different beds., startief for toddlers, up to adolescence. Of course there are separate teenagers' beds, canopy beds and teenagers' bunk beds - available with a lying area of 90x200cm or 140x200cm. Brunos' tree house bed with crane and bamboo roof is an adventure bed for the little ones. One highlight for teenagers: Twin-over-full bunk bed with one small and one big lying area, combines in one bed. 

Every bed is purchasable in beech nature, white or 15 different colors.

destyle basic bed: 1 kit = 5 settings

One kit and one price for five different beds! The perfect bed height for the fitting age. 

Optional with the ladder in front (basic bed B) or on the side (basic bed S), in oiled natural or in 16 different colors. 

Take a look at our room examples.

Canopy bed

For children of 1,5 years and up

A cozy bed for little toddlers with a four-sided frame (height 23cm) and a ground-based lying area. More frame boards, to increase the banister, can be purchased on demand. 

Low playing bed

For children, starting ages 2,5 years old

With a lower edge of 74,5cm this bed is the ideal starter for sleeping in a bunk bed. The four-sided frame can be increased with additional frame boards up to 45cm (hip-height of children).

Middle playing bed

For children starting ages 3

A bed for starters too, but with a lower edge of 97cm a little bit higher than the previous one. The 68cm high frame secures your child during playtime. Important during nights: Adults easily can reach their child. 

High playing bed

For children starting ages 4

The playing bunk bed for the "big ones" has a lower edge of 119cm (standing height of 6 year olds) and a from with a height of 45cm. Also a second lying are can be built. 

Teenagers' bunk bed

For children starting ages 8

This construction is suited for older children and teenagers. The time of playing in the bed is over and a frame of 23cm height seem enough. Now there is plenty of room for a sofa, desk or shelves beneath the bed. 

Teenagers' bed

Canopy bed

Teenagers' bunk bed

The teenagers' bed is purchasable with a three-sided frame or low without a frame with a mattress mass of 90 x 200cm or for teenagers 140 x 200 cm. Bedding boxes, move-out for the guest bed with a mattress or a bed side table can be added. Teenagers' room 04 and teenagers' room 05 give a good example of the bed with different environments.

The canopy bed is also available plain for teenagers with a mattress mass of 90 x 200 cm or 140 x 200 cm. Additional frames as a back rest, combines with pillows, cushions and curtains in 12 different colors can be added. You can see an example here

The teenagers' bunk bed allows to put other furniture, just like a sofa, shelves, the destyle-desk (that can be mounted directly to the bed), thanks to its lower edge height of 148 cm. optimal for small rooms. Available with a mattress mass of 140 x 200cm. Example you see at the teenagers' room 01 and teenagers' room 02.

Bruno`s treehouse

Sleep below and play safely on top: this is the kind of bed mothers buy for their little ones. The treehouse bed allows adventurous but safe playing under an exotic bamboo roof. Including: a crane and the Bruno toy with a small hammock. You can see more of this playful bed here.


Twin-over-full is our new teenagers' bed with a lying area of 140 x 200 cm below and a guest bed of 90 x 200cm above. This provides much space to sit with your friends on the lying area below and just relax or chill and just have a good time.

The basic bed S also can be built into a Twin-over-full later on!