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debe.deluxe - Teenagers' room 01

A stylisch teenagers' room with a bunk bed and seating podest

The bed isn't the centre of the room anymore - but more "only" a sleeping area. Now more space for meeting friends is needed. 

Raising the playing bed to a teenagers' bunk bed, with a height of 148 cm, makes sense. Simple design comforts the needs and the new world of a teenager. 

The pushed underneath podest also function as a seat. Completed with stools, beanbags, a fluffy carpet and coffee tables the perfect place to chill is created. 

Small sideboards for books, music and other stuff, as well as a big wardrobe finalize a great teenagers' room.

The desk Ziggy - seen here with a continuous workplate - is the ideal working place. As an alternative to the desk chair you can take a cozy armchair just for relaxing moments with a laptop.