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debe.deluxe - Nursery 03

A nursery in plain white and a wall decoration in retro design

Clothes make the man. As you can see with this stylish nursery which gets its charme with the yellow wall and grey tapestry which is optained by Designers Guild. The timeless white children furniture of debe.deluxe appear in their own unique way. 

The cabinet line includes everything you will need for the initial equipment of the nursery. A large wardrobe with many compartments for all those baby clothes that are fitting or are going to fit in the future. 

The simple door design guarantees the timeless usage of the wardrobe. With its depth of 60cm even adults can use the wardrobe.

The back friendly, height adjustable changing unit consist of a 60cm high shelf that can later be used with the cabinet line and a high adjustable changing board with a working height of 80cm or 100cm. 

On both sides of the changing unit you will find bedding boxes with storage for toys and a platform for sibling to watch the baby changed. 


Everything a little baby shouldn't be able to reach can easily be stored in a wall shelf and in the higher shelf thanks that find their way later in the nursery can also easily be stored. Also very practical our big playing boxes.

debe.deluxe children's furniture are also available at our Online-Shop.