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debe.deluxe - Nursery 02

A warm and friendly nursery in natural colors for boys and girls

In this timeless nursery the changing got combined with a shelf podest for toys and a tall linen closet. Because of its small length of 2 meters it also fits in the smallest childrens room. The shelf podest next to the changing unit allows older siblings to take look at the baby during changing. 

The changing board can later be dissembled and used as a shelf with doors for laundry or toys. 

A wall shelf above the changing unit shouldn't be missed, - here you can store lotions, oils, medicines and all kinds of stuff a baby should not be able to reach. Also it's very usable for storing diapers which can easily be reached during changing the baby...


In these pictures you can see the crib with its junior bed side. The toddler (ages 1,5 and above) can get in the bed by its own. The higher sides saves the children from falling out during sleeping. 


Easy for storage are the bedding boxes that can easily be reached by a crawling toddler.