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debe.deluxe - kids' room 12

A kids' room with a bunk bed and the space-saving corner wardrobe

A room for two bigger children with the Kuba bunk bed with green round bars. A sense of adventure and forest are created thanks to natural furnitures, yellow walls and green textiles. 

Two big bedding boxes beneath the second lie down area offer a lot of storage.

deluxe furnitures are purchasable in our Online-Shop.

The big corner wardrobe fills ever niche in the room. 

Its depth is only 40 cm which nicely fits our other shelves so you can easily plan cabinet lines with shelves, cupboards and playing boxes. The accents of the wardrobe can be purchased in 16 different colors. 

The walk-in closet got two pillars, adjustable shelves and a clothes rail - enough space for clothes of two children. 

Our desk Ziggy can be perfectly used as a working space for pupils - seen here with separaten countertop and a drawer. The desk is adjustable in height and grows to the ideal height of an adult. 

The space underneath the bed can be used for storage. Therefor wie have a small bedding box which nicely fits under the ladder (as shown in the picture) 

The ladder with its deep stairs and handles on the side assure a good grip.