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debe.deluxe - kids' room 10

A knights bed with flags

This half-height playing bed for little knights (starting age 3) got totally bated in beige with fillings in brown. Textiles, like the curtain and flags, are also in brown with a slight pastel green contrast. A warm friendly room is created! Earthy colors with a hint of pastel green - obviously a knights room.

The space under the bed becomes a haven because of the curtains, the carpet and the pillows.  

A 80cm wide wardrobe with brown accents creates space for all the clothes. Within the same room depth of the wardrobe we placed two shelf podests with bedding boxes plus one open shelf. Enough room for the clothes of an 3 to 4 year old child. Individual baskets offer additional space for small things.

This example also fits small rooms. The bed can be stockpiled in height and a desk and two shelves can be added. 

Our knights' bed is available in our Online-Shop.