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debe.deluxe - kids' room 09

Classic: the pirate bed with wall bars and slide - shown here as a bunk bed for two kids

This debe.deluxe kids' room with its pirate bed, wall bars and slide offers little pirates an ultimative playing experience. A crimson jolly roger, a curtain with crossed sabers, utensil with crenels and a pocket with knife and pistol for a perfect booty quest. 

The lower lie down area gets a safety barrier for smaller children. Corner wardrobe and practical shelves provide necessary storage. The desk Ziggy can be used for drawing and prepares your child for school time. 

Later on, when two kids' rooms are available, the pirate bed can be used as a single bunk bed, of course. Podests and shelves now can fill the empty space beneath the bed. 

The slide can be attached to the wall bars (see picture below).Wild little pirates can reach the climbing robe across the wall bars or capsize the pirate bed via the wall bars. This combination absorbs the energy of the children (...and spares the rest of the living space)

The safety barrier for the lower lie down area is detachable - it protects the small sailors of falling out of the bed and can be detached during play time. 

Nice textiles fitting the pirate theme: A holster with pistol and knife for booty quests, curtains or cushions with skulls or utensils in the shape of gunports.