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debe.deluxe - kids' room 08

The maritime adventure bed with steering wheel and climbing robe - without pirates

An adventurous bed for sailors - starting ages 4 - with a steering wheel, climbing robe and detachable slide, as you can see here with red port holes and blue tapestry with anchors. Of course there is a sliding board! This one can be attached in different angles to the slide.

Beneath the bed you will also have a bedding box for playing and sitting.



Storage is provided by the lower sideboards for toys and the shelves on the wall and next to the bed. Completed by big playing boxes with handles. For laundry this time there is no wardrobe used, but a linen closet with a towel rack with hooks which fits many folded clothes. 

The pupils' table Ziggy is adjusted to lower height and is placket wit our changing Charr in front of the window. There's also a small and big drawer for Ziggy. It grows with the age of your child till adulthood. 

The podest of the bed is notched that it exactly fits the corner posts flushed with the wall and the open side and that other podests can also be placed. 

Every pirate bed is purchasable in our Online-Shop.