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debe.deluxe - kids' room 07

A modern and friendly kids' room with a half height pirates bed

An adventure bed in beach colours - white with orange fillings, bright like beach grass in the sun, the blue of the ocean and beige like the sand.

So even a lighter blue does fit pirates.

This friendly room is suited for children starting age of three. Later on the bed kann be transformed into a play bunk bed. 

A bed for playing but still high enough for parents to reach their child. There's also a little cave with a shelf and a lamp beneath the bed. The alcove with its stylish tapestry - which you can purchase in our online shop - is perfectly used with the shelf units that provide much storage.

Beneath the windows you'll find the podests with bedding boxes that also provide many storage for toys. Nice accessories: fitting the pirate theme, we also have a nice steering wheel and a holster for the pirate bed. 

The pillows with the skull are available in three different colors, even in pink for female pirates. There's also a practical box which can be hung to the frame of the bed.