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debe.deluxe - kids' room 05

A white kids' room with an over-the-edge bunk bed which is usable for two small children

To safe room you want to put a bunk bed in your kids' room but both your children are to young? The height of a "normal" bunk bed mostly is 120cm - mainly targeted to children 4-5 years old. But your older child is 3 years old. what to do?

The deluxe bed program offers three solutions: the half-height playing bed has a lie down area at 90cm, just within reach to a three year old with a high safety barrier.  There is not much room beneath the upper bed but by placing it in L-shape there is enough room for a baby to climb in and out. The safety barrier secures the baby here too. 

Later on both beds can be put on top of each other and form a "real" bunk bed...

Both pictures show the bed out of view of your children.

Left the entry into the upper bed out of view of a three year old and right the entry out of a view of a toddler.  Because of the eye height of 90 cm - which equals the eye height of a three year old - the child can see everything thats inside the bed. So this is a perfect desensitization of heights.



A practical attachment is the safety gate. Independent of bed height or kind of ladder it can be mounted to every bed entry. Especially during night the safety barrier secures your children if they are sleeping fretful or sleepwalking. It can easily be suspended by one hand. 

Especially siblings are protected by the safety gate if the toddler wants to get in the upper bed of the older child.