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debe.deluxe - Kid's room

The second child follows and the crib hast to make room? What to do?

Suitable for toddlers starting from age 2 is a deluxe-bed with a conversion kit into a canopy bed. With its frame and the canopy it gets really cuddly inside - just like inside a crib. Bedding boxes beneath the canopy bed create more storage for toys. 


Siblings can easily watsch the baby getting changed with help of the modest beside the changing unit. The changing board is adjustable in height. Toll ist jetzt auch das Podest neben der Wickelkommode, denn so kann man beim Wickeln zuschauen. Die Wickelplatte ist höhenverstellbar. The wall shelf can be ordered accurate to size.

The canopy bed can stand directly on the floor - especially safe for little toddlers because the is no drop height - or can be elevated with post extensions. 


Kuba canopy bed can be purchased in beech nature oiled, white or in 15 different colours. Even the rods of the wall bars can be purchased in different colours or exchanged with a different colour. 

debe.deluxe can be purchased in our Online-Shop.



The unique children's wardrobe interiors, with large and small compartment, rows of hooks and utensil boxes, allows even small children to sort out there clothes.

The Baby crib is manufactured out of massive beech. It's adjustable in height and has two side bars which can be removed. The crib is available natural oiled or in 16 different colours.