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debe.deluxe - Setting examples of rooms for toddlers, children and teenagers

Your first toddler's room can be equipped with furniture of debe.deluxe. These furniture can be used, converted and added so that they adapt to changing living conditions and the growing and age of your child. 

For your first toddler's room we got a back friendly, height adjustable changing table which subbare can be used for storing toys later on. The baby bed of debe.details fulfills your design wishes with 16 colours. It's always a good idea to buy a large wardrobe because of often changing clothes of a young child.

Starting at the age of two you can get playing beds of debe.deluxe. Maybe you will buy the canopy bed or even the half height bunk bed for children starting age three. When the time comes for role playing, climbing, building fortresses, hiding, building caves then it's easy to get our pirate bed or knight's bed that are also adjustable in height. 

Every bed can be converted into simple teenager beds, bunk beds and canopy beds which is very popular with girls. With removing details like the climbing robe or the steering wheel and adding the table Ziggy or children's tables, that can be used as coffee tables, you'll get timeless and practical teenager's rooms.