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debe.deluxe - the world of colour

Wood stain

Every bed component and corpora are inked with a water soluble wood stain. The pigments enter the grain by 1 mm. Afterwards the surface gets sealed by dull varnish. 

sample solid beech wood

oiled beechwood

Our precision-grounded wood gets treated with a oil-wax via a special hot spraying method. Because of that method the oil deeply enters the pores. The wax stays on the surface and gets polished and sealed by hand. This enables robust and resistant surfaces. 

fabric sample beige


The fitting cotton textiles are produced with a panama-weaving-structure, that kind of reminds of linen - also they are dyed via a regenerative process. 

16 stain colours           All components of our beds and cabinets are available in these 16 colours. The wood is first painted in a water-based colour and then clear coated.

12 fabrics           Our textiles are available in the same colours. The fabric is dyed using a fixed formula, according to our specifications in our German textile factory so the colour remains intact even after years of use.