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debe.deluxe - bed system

The beds of debe.deluxe are constructed as a module system and adapts to the needs of your growing child. Different themes offered in this system include various game beds and adventure beds, which encourage role play. Later, these adventure beds can easily be converted into simple beds, canopy beds or loft beds for teenagers.

Fo the beds we use hand glued wooden slats to ensure an even texture and high stability.

Canopy bed for toddlers

For 2 year olds

This is a low raise bed designed for two year olds. It is also ideal for roof slopes or in cases where there is no bunk bed.

The half-height bed game

For 3 year olds

The half-height Trax bed is ideal for your young ones with a lower edge of 90cm and is equipped with a sleep fall protection for your child’s safety.


Play high bed

For 3 year olds

Adding four small posts the half-height bed becomes a "real playing bed". With a lower edge of 120cm even six year olds can easily stand underneath. Now even a second lying area is attachable.

Teenager's bunk bed

For 8 year olds

The ideal bunk bed for teenagers that don't want to play on their bed anymore but to use the room underneath (148cm) for a desk or sitting area. A really good alternative for saving space. 

Teenager's canopy bed

For 2 year olds

Not only a canopy bed for girls but also a bed for teenage girls with many opportunities for textiles and decoration and an additional guest bed which can be pulled out from underneath. 

Teenager's bed

For 3 year olds and above

The simple and timeless teenager's bed of our deluxe-program. As a starter or as a deconstruction of the bunk bed. 



The classic pirate bed with porthole, steering wheel, jolly roger and a climbing rope.


Kinderzimmer 07,

Kinderzimmer 08

Kinderzimmer 09.

low game bed
Low game bed

The knight's bed "castle" has a frame with castle battlements. An accurate staircase and a knight's tournament tent can be attached alternatively..


Kinderzimmer 10

Kinderzimmer 11



Kuba is a version of the playing bed with a neutral frame with rods which can be ordered in 16 colors. 


Children's room 01,

Children's room 02

Children's room 03

Children's room 12

Mansion is a really great playing bed for girls featuring stylish gables, stairs and a crane elevator and even a staircase shelf. 


Children's room 05

Children's room 06



Trax is a simple variant of kid’s bed furniture range with low guardrails built aptly for teens especially as a canopy bed or teenager's bunk bed. 


Jugendzimmer 01,

Jugendzimmer 04


Our Max is a single deck bed simply styled and elegant which is also available for toddlers with an additional frame.


Kinderzimmer 04

Jugendzimmer 02

Jugendzimmer 03

debe.deluxe consists of a basic construction with two splited posts and a frame. Because of the 1/3 and 2/3 posts which can be staked on top of each other you are able to build your bed in three different heights. So your bed easily adapts to the age of your child and changing living conditions. 

Two sites of our playing bed is always added with designed elements to compose the theme of the playing bed (pirate, castle, Kuba or mansion) that can even be mixed individually. The other two sides that are facing the wall get plan frames. Trax only gets normal parts on four sides.

Three different ladders are available, and can be used with any of our beds.

The good thing about debe.deluxe: Every component part can always be used, nothing is superfluous, no over expensive additional parts have to be bought.

possible conversion of debe.delux adapting the age of your child