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debe.delite - tables and chairs

Chilerens' suite with changing chair and different tables, desk Ziggy and integrated desks

Childrens' suite

The right suit for children, starting age 1,5 years. The changing chair has three different seat heights – ideal for sitting beginners. 

Fitting tables are available in 6 heights. For three year olds we also have our stacking chair in massive beech, nature and in white.

Integrated desks

The debe.delite wardrobe system offers smart solutions:

The waorking board out of massive beech (which could have been used as a changing board before) can be mounted in all usual heights (starting as a playing table, later a working table for adults).

Desk Ziggy

Our desk Ziggy is available with a beech plate or with an white laminated plate. Both perfectly fit debe.delite. 

Ziggy is adjustable in height. For children of age 4 till adulthood. It can be used as a playing or crafting table, as well as a simple working table.

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