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debe.delite - Teenagers Room 03

A teenagers' bunk bed with a sofa below, also with a wardrobe and desk

This teenagers' bunk bed has a lower edge of 170 cm and so there is enough room for a cozy sofa. This could be an ideal installation for a teenagers' room or a dorm room – especially when room is rare. The wardrobe has the same height as the bed and so can be used as a bedside table.  

delite teenagers' furniture are purchasable via our Online-Shop.

As an alternativ to the sofa, a mattes with many pillows can be chosen – so there is also room for sleep-overs. 

The adjustable desk Ziggy, with its ideal height, tiltable working board or addable drawer units, is an ideal working space for teenager. 

More combination of shelves of the shelf system provide more storage.