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debe.delite - Nursery 01

A friendly nursery with a white crib and a changing unit and a adjoining cabinet

in this nursery you will find everything, your first child needs. A convertible crib out of massive beech, stained white and laminated, as shown here. In addition to that, a combination of shelves with a changing board, floor units and a small wardrobe with storage for baby clothes.

In our Online-Shop you will finde many possible sittings of debe.delite.

When a child is born it has to be welcomed properly. In the beginning a crib and a changing unit are enough. Both furniture that can be placed in the parents' room. Very practical, that you can expand debe.delite furniture with the growing needs of your child.  Beides Möbel, die manchmal sogar noch im Elternschlafzimmer Platz finden müssen. 

With our debe.delite program a changing unit can be compiled as wished. As a simple working place with additional storage on the side or simply with a mounted wardrobe. The changing board is adjustable in height and can be adjusted to the body height of the parents to ensure an ergonomic position.

Added with practical drawers beside the changing place for reaching diapers easily or a fall protection, obtained by a mounted wardrobe. The practical wall shelf on which oils, cremes, etc. can be placed, out of reach of the baby, also makes sense.

The changing board – our of massive beech – can be mounted to any shelf combination. Another advantage: the changing board ist adjustable to every body height. You even can add storage to the left or right side, just as you need. The wall shelf with the same width, above the changing board is also very useful.  

Later it can be used as a playing table or as a desk.

Our debe.detail crib is made out of massive beech. You can either purchase it with an natural oiled surface or in one of the 16 different colors. The slatted frame is adjustable in height two times and every crib has two removable side bars, which oben an exit.