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debe.delite - Kids Room 07

A kids' room for two with a space-saving bunk bed

The timeless bunk bed is only 150cm high and doesn't dominate the room, which is very important for smaller kids' rooms. The ladder can, depending on the room, be put left or right. The tall wardrobe offers plenty of storage – even for two kids. 

delite-furniture are also purchasable via our Online-Shop.

The practical window box can be put on any frame and is a perfect tray for anything you need in your bed. 

This structure shows all three shelf depths of the debe.delite shelf system. On the far right, the 60cm depth für clothes rail and coat hanger, beside that the 40cm depth, for folded clothes or toys. On the far left you see the 25cm depth for books. The different offsets can be individually be put left or right.