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debe.delite - Kids Room 05

A kids' room with the scent of adventure and seas, with a play bed in maritime colors

A berth to feel comfortable in. Beneath a blue fabric ceiling, surrounded by drapier and portholes, weary seafarers will quickly sail off into the land of their dreams. Temporarily open: the porthole-curtains are also available with roller blinds. Map, compass and plush toys are stored in the utensil box in the back. 

delite-furniture are purchasable via our Online-Shop.

Maritime colours of the collection "River" communicate a feeling of adventures and holiday. 

Shelfs and wardrobes of the shelf system can be combined in four different heights, fitting to the different bed heights. 50cm tall shelves perfectly fit below the half-height bunk bed. The stands of shelves and beds, both have the same height.