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debe.delite - Kids Room 02

A kids' room for children from 4 years old with a high play bed and fitting shelves.

The centre of the kids' room is the play bed, shaped like a house. In the upper floor, behind the curtains, the bedroom with a window view and a flower box. In the lower floor is a kids' kitchen wit many accessories and with a play store. A perfect place for roleplaying. 

delite-childrens' furniture are purchasable via our Online-Shop.

The bed can be equipped with pillows, cushions and canopies for a cozy atmosphere. 

The 150cm tall wardrobe offers plenty of storage. Two little doors with compartments, a shelf underneath it and beside, a tall door with shelf and clothes rail – in different colors on demand. The sidewys mounted shelf creates storage for toys. 

Nice and practical, the delete-wall shelf.