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debe.delite - Kids Room 01

A kids' room for small children, starting the age 2, with a cozy playing bed

This bedroom set is ideal for kids from 2 years old, who have outgrown their crib, or who have to make space for a sibling.

With a play bed, play furniture, shaped like a doll house, a floor unit with bedding boxes and a playing table. 

delete-furniture are purchasable via our Online-Shop.

The laying area of the play bed is dropped to the ground, so a toddler easily can climb in and out. With a roof the bed gets a cozy place – and a retreat.

The standing height is 100 cm so a three-year-old easily can walk, stand, and play inside. The entry is in the front or on the side via an open doorway. Later on, the bed can be staked up into a bunk bed.

For storage for laundry serves the tall wardrobe with a bedding box for toys. Mounted to that you have a cabinet line with a lower play table (conversed changing board). Fitting to that, the changing chair with its three sitting heights. 

A lower cabinet line with bedding boxes complete the room and offer plenty of space for toys in reach of the child. 

The doors of the shelf system are purchasable in white, grey, mint, kiwi and pink. 

delete-shelf doors detail