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debe.delite - the movie

We are showing furniture that adapt – from nursery to teenagers' room

This cartoon shows you, how flexible our furniture are and, in every little step, they adapt to your age and needs of your child.

We are starting with a crib for the first child. 

The toddlers' room follows. The older child takes the play bed, the crib is used for the second child. 

The third setting shows a kids' room with a play bunk bed for Kindergarten children. 

The conversion to simpler furnier follows – for elementary-school pupil. 

Ending with the conversion into a teenagers' room...

Have fun watching. You can see the five structures with pictures below. 

The nursery

Everybody starts small: For babies a cot and a changing unit with drawers.

The cot is toughly built with beech and is natural-oiled for glossy looks. It has a three-way adjustable mattress base to adjust with your baby’s growth. Later two slip sticks can be removed to allow easy entry and exit for your little crawlers. One side of the grids can be completely taken off to transform it into a low bed side.

Changing unit can be set individually, depending on the need for storage space and reserved place. The height adjustable winding plate provides optimal work height to prevent back pain. Practically, the drawers can be assembled right beside the workplace on handle height and wall board just above the winding plate.

Welcome sibling!

The second child is born, and the older kid (two to three years old) moves to the first 'big' bed.

The older child is rewarded with a roofed, half-high play bed adorned with snug curtains and fabrics for a smooth feel, which can accommodate a full family (father, mother, and child) for a play session. It comes surrounded by high railings and a low bed height (50 cm of lower edge) making it absolutely safe. Parents can reach their young ones any time comfortably.

Expand with the growing demand for storage space for two children, the changing table can now be extended by assembling a closet extension with integrated toy boxes next to it. Clearance can also be extended by a child kitchen, put together by debe.decor cabinet system and fits perfectly with the room ambience.

Goodbye cot - a room for two children

Entrance play bed is ready to be transformed into a bunk with the retirement of the baby bed after 1-2 years.

The upper bed surface can be elevated 100 cm to fit just another bed of same measurement. Both the children now share a sufficient area of 90 x 200 cm. Closet pull-out drawers with adequate amount of storage space help children to clean up their play mess.

A changing unit is no more required for your big enough children and the chest of drawers is now tailored into a height adjustable low study table and play table, that can be lifted to different heights for the coming years and is perfect for our three seat height convertible chair. Child stove can be converted into a shelf any day, while sink and stove fronts are replaced with the flooring and doors left from restructuring of the chest of drawers.


"I'll get to school"

The older child is already enrolled and the younger one is in the kindergarten. Time flies.

The roof-cover which transformed the bed into a play bed is of no use anymore and is dis-assembled. The upper bed is built attached to a corner. As a result a comfortable, cozy and soft niche develops below for the second bed. The guest bed can be pulled out from the lower bed for all your children’s friend. Ladder attached just at the head of guest bed is precise and space saving.

The study and play table has now been uplifted to a level, that a pedestal can be placed right under it. Your older one gets a proper desk chair for a comfortable sit, while the convertible chairs stand around an individual table for your preschooler. Everyone has a place to play and study, reducing hassle.

The time of the high-level beds is over: Finally, own a private room

It is high time, everyone needs their own room and furniture will be divided.

The budding teenager is all set to move to the bed with the guest bed extension. The cabinet line needs to be re-built in combination with after purchased new elements, because storage needs have changed.

A new desktop makes an addition to this furniture line the “Ziggy” that stay with your child through adulthood and with its tiltable plate and a drawer with enough space cops up with your child’s increases school work.

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