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debe.delite - shelf system

The wardrobe- and shelf system offers plenty of storage for every need. Their elements have four different heights and three depths, that can be combined wonderfully. So you can create beautiful settings that adapts to your room, to your growing need of storage and to the bed.

debe.delite creates storage for toys, plush toys, books or clothes. Two different shelf depths (29cm and 45cm) combines with doors and drawers, just as you need.  

The heights of the shelves also fit below the different bunk bed heights – so that even the space below the bed can be used. Even droops can be mastered because of the different heights. 

For the panelling in the debe.delite range, we use white melamine edged with 3mm thick solid beech banding. The basic system is white. Doors and covers can be purchased in four colors rosé, grey, kiwi or mint – just like the door handles. 

The calk side is availabe in four heights and three depths, the doors in four sizes - so a cabinet line can be put together individually.

So that bed and shelves are on one level, the stands alls have the same heights. 

The bedding boxes out of massive oiled beech are available in two different depths (45 cm and 60cm). These ones offer plenty of storage for toys. The bedding boxes can easily be moved around my children. 

For the taller ones we have the drawer units. The two pre-assembled drawers are put on top of each other on stable base units. The color of the covers can be picked individually. 





debe.delite is constructed with four different heights, three different depths and a width of 46,4 cm – so different cabinet lines can be put together, just as you want. Adapter walls secure the conversion to different depths. Outer walls complete a nice ending.

Doors are available in four pattern heights (50, 100, 150, 200cm) and can be mounted left or right and be put elsewhere at anytime. 

Between the 45 and 61 walls, a desk or changing board can be put. Alongside the drilling, they are adjustable in height in 32mm steps. Space-saving solutions for storage and working are created. 

A drawer unit with two drawers also can be mounted. The height of this unit is the same pattern like a 50s door. The same zeigt as other shelves or the bed. The drawer unit is available in two different depths – 45 and 61. 

Room below pulse tilts can be used efficiently because of that. So the children have more room for playing. 

The wardrobe depth of 61cm is available in two different heights (150 and 200 cm). The depth is extremely useful for putting clothes into the wardrobe. The wardrobe can easily be individualized with gently closing doors, drawers or a clothes rail.