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debe.delite - playing beds

Every playing bed is purchasable via our Online-Shop

A bed for children can even be more than just a place to sleep. Playing beds by de Breuyn are not only places for dreaming. The little ones can let their imaginations run wild – especially when they're awake. 

This model combines a bed and a play house. There is not only a sleeping area, but also a kitchen and a living room. 

The playing bed is available in three different heights: the lower canopy bed – ideal for smaller children of the age 1,5, the half-height playing bed with a lower edge of 50 cm for bunk bed-beginners, starting ages of 2,5 years and the heigh playing bed with a lower edge of 100 cm for children of 4 years. 

The bed can be individualized with a roof clothing and curtains. You also can choose textiles of the collections "Maison" and "City, Country, River".