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debe.delite - Bunk bed for 4-year-olds

With a height of 156cm, the delite bunk bed, ist especially suited for children of the age 4. These bunk beds don't seem that bulky in a children' room and complete the whole ambient.

The height of the laying area of 100 cm is in a good proportion of the size of the child and adults easily can reach every corner of the bed: like for singing a lullaby, to blanket the child or comforting. 

Safe bunk beds with unique purposes

Whoever started with a half-height bunk bed, just has to buy for corner posts with connectors and a taller ladder, for heightening.

The nice thing about debe.delite it, that you can choose the side, where you want to put the ladder individually. This offers new possibilities: the cabinet line can be even better reachable and there's more room below the bunk bed and in front of the shelves.

The double frame of the bunk bed secures the child during playing, cavorting or twitchy nights. 

Hohe Betten, die mitwachsen

With same bunk bed heights, the laying area can be piled up for one raster. For this conversion you just have to place the ladder extension underneath. The lower edge of the laying area is at 122 cm – enough headroom for a six year old.

The frame of the bunk bed is just a frame for sleeping, with this structure. 

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