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Genius: two bunk bed in one

To safe space, or just because it's much more fun, small siblings often share a room. Bunk beds not only get enjoyed by children, they also safe a lot of space, so that children have a lot more room to play.  

So the solution for two children is: the bunk bed with an overall height of 150 cm, the bed is not that bulky and offers two places to sleep in just one utility space.  

Safety thanks to efficient fall protection

Even if the bunk bed is not that high, small children still require a double safety frame. This model has to safety boards with an overall height of 40 cm that safes the children from falling out during playtime. 

These beautiful beds and their fitting Accessoires can be purchased via our Online-Shop.

The bunk bed where no one sleeps below

debe.delite is an adaptable furniture system with an aerial design. In this setting every child gets his bunk bed – even with their own ladder. So nobody has to sleep below. This peaceful solution is unique on the furniture market and so only available via de Breuyn. 

The sideways entry makes these beds more unique and strengthen the image of an "own domain". This setting is also available mirror-inverted. 

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