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debe.delite - the bed system

debe.delite is available in four bunk bed heights with overall four lying area heights. You can choose between two frame heights. The ladders can be mounted left, right or one the front-side. So you'll get the best solution out of every age and room situation.

Advantage safety

Something that's very close to our heart. Beside the lower lying area, we also have settings, that are a little lower (for example 105,8cm) but are seemingly bunk beds for children of the age 2,5 years. There are two variants of the frame: a high frame for "wild ones" (ca. 40cm) and for taller ones a frame of 20cm height. 

Advantage storage

It starts with the divan bed. Two bedding boxes or a guest bed can be put below it. The higher the bed, the more storage you can use. The fitting debe.delite cabinet system consists of three different heights, which easily kann be put below the bed. The space in small rooms can so be used efficiently.  

Advantage flexibility

Your debe.delite bed adapts not only to your wishes, but also to your age, skills and gender of your child. Starting a lower bed for an easier access to higher variations of a bunk bed. A playing bed with a roof at the beginning, a simple bed later on. And when the family grows it easily turns into a bunk bed. And so the bed grows with the age of your child and can even be individualized by textiles. 

Advantage different heights

debe.delite consists of four different heights: (55,4cm / 105,8cm / 156,2cm / 206,6cm) and eight different heights of the laying area. The highest laying area (172,9cm) offers plenty of room below the bed for working, listening to music or chilling with friends. For access via a ladder, even the ladder can be stockpiled.

Das debe.delite bed is a quick-change artist that adapts to your needs, and that's not all. It also adapts to the layout of the room , thanks the beds symmetrical design, the ladder can be exactly where you want it to be. 

In just a short while, you have a brand new style: It's that easy to convert this little cottage bed into a basic high-lever bed. Roof off, new ladder on, two cover panels – done!

The different bed and laying area heights with age recommendation