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debe.deline - waiting rooms, scopes, lobbies, children's library

This example shows how debe.deline furniture can be placed inside a room. As a waiting room or playing space for children and adults, for example in a lobby, a shop, doctor's office or other public spaces.The padded doors and shelfs and the lower sideboards gives this room a cozy and private living room atmosphere. 

Four seatings for adults, two boxes for magazines and books and a play table with two children's stools are shown here. Also a cabinet line with plenty of storage, but also as a boundary by furniture. 



Here you have a classic waiting room. A magazine box in the corner with benches on both sides. An additional box for books with a furcation into the room. With a 135° corpus, the children's desk extends into the room. So eight seatings wit a play area can be easily created. 

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Children's libraries and reading areas can even be arranged with debe.deline furniture in public libraries, as you can see here. Various possibilities for seating and placing books and magazines are created by interlacing the furniture into the room.