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debe.deline - children's room

The furniture of the debe.deline range can be quick and easy arranged into various compositions. Sideboards for storing toys, combinations with boxes for books, a play table, shelves with angles, that can extend into the room. They either can be connected to each other or stand separately, which makes even the smallest room nice and space saving.

debe.deline is purchasable via our Online-Shop.

As a replacement for the crib, the small bed – with a mattress mass of 70 x 140cm – can be used, for children ages one to two years old.  The tall head piece with its erased side parts protect the child from falling out, for calm sleeping. A slatted frame of massive beech is included. A nice addition is the small bedding table which covers are padded with lodes. 

The small children's table can be installed on its own or combined with other furnitures. Its size makes it perfect for playing, crafting and making homeworks and can be used from both sides. The depots on both sides offer enough storage for everything needed. The children's stools are also padded with lodes – they are comfortable and stable.

A bench beside the bed provides reading bedtime stories. The tall two-door wardrobe offers enough space for clothes and laundry. The height of the furnitures have the same heights of a child – that is supposed of using the furniture. 

The children's table – shown here – is mounted to a corpus with a 135° angle and gives the room its own atmosphere. 

The deline-children's stool, that also fits the weight of an adult, is available in three cushion colors.