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We produce individual climbing frames, playground facilities and tree houses for your garden.


This is a game frame, built to make children play together. To reach the quarterdeck that includes steering wheel and flag, the cabin portholes and windows staircase is used. The mast has two rope and ladders. The bow has open cargo area, portholes and a sweeping bow. Also, there are two cannons and a gangway. The surface has the following dimensions: 250 x 700 cm, 70 of height, aft deck being 130 cm and mast height is 350 cm.

This is a dream of every adventurer; where he can run his own pirate ship on the way to remote Pacific islands. In this extraordinary climbing frame you will find a variety of children space for common games, thereby bringing the team spirit on board!

Tree House

This is ideal for families who want to build their tree house before the tree is big and strong. The tree house is set for your fresh garden after you have built your house. Even kids can climb these tree houses to play pranks and gather personal hideout. Moreover tree houses are practical: being just 2.5 square meter space, it acts as a kit for self-assembly.

The total height of the tree house is 250cm and the platform is 130cm. It stands solidly on its own feet and can be built around a newly planted sapling and thus serving as its support.

Bruno`s Tree House

Bruno’s tree house is a large spacious tree house for gangs of older children - high and adventurous! The ascent is over the sloping stairs or climbing rope that is attached to the jib.

Area of the tree house is 250x250cm, the hut specifically is 150x150cm and its total height is 260cm + 100cm and the crow's nest platform is at a height of 130cm.

There is a need of lookout for crow's nest as the gang is behind closed shutters and locked.

Climbing Tower

This is also, one of our classics, with 120x120cm large climbing tower with expansion possibilities. There is the balcony porch, an extension with swing frame, an inclined ramp or porch with climbing net. Thus, the tower offers various room, stairway and slips through opportunities for children and adults, and maybe even up to the roof. And as for the little ones, a framework for a sandbox can be installed.

There are a lot of ways to play in a small space, which is the principle of this climbing tower. For the base tower there are various mounting possibilities, depending on space and group size of children.

Dwarf Castle

This is a play area for young children with lower overall platforms and ramps in various sizes.

A play area for young children, especially for U3 groups developed in kindergarden.

It serves as a small city landscape with rooms of different sizes, slip through opportunities, ramps and ascents.

Large play area with slide

This is a playhouse with attachment platform, slide and swing set.  A large playhouse with integrated sandbox, ladder access and an integrated platform from which lacks a great slide.

The solid ridge beam is expanded to a swing frame with additional climbing net.

Tree house with swing

This is a game platform that is free floating in a tree built with an integrated swing frame.

The triangular platform is secured with steel cables in a tree along with rise that goes to a rocking cradle attachment and a frame with a climbing net.