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CO2-und sustainability report 2013

In the course of a project with the University of Cologne, we began to create a G4 report following leading and current standards of the Clobal Reporting Initiative (GRI), with the help of two business students.

After many meetings, interviews and collection of data (2013) we created the CO2 and sustainability reports.

Removal and recycling of packaging materials.

To secure the disposal of trash, conforming to the law, of our packaging materials we connected with Interseroh, a dual disposal system.

Our licens number: 210373

Our packaging materials accord to the 5thnovella of the VerpackV. Withdrawl of packaging materials is managed with "Interseroh-Dienstleistungs-GmbH". If you are interested how you can dispose your packaging materials you can call  02203-9147-1500. Additional informations can be found here:  INTERSEROH.

Green electricity

Years ago, we decided to switch entirely to green energy. A step that has really paid of, because by using renewable energy we keep the nature clean of CO2! 

More informations:

Pollutant test öko control

ÖkoControl is a subsidiary of the Association of European Ecological Furnishing Houses, which unites 50 ecological furniture distributors with the goal to give customers, distributors and manufacturers more security for furnishing.

More informations:

Since beginning we are a listed supplier of this association and check our products on absence of pollutants every time.

FSC - wood via reforestation

Every wood we use comes from reforestation, which is documented under FSC - Forest Stewardship Council scheme.

Our beechwood is forested in the regions near the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia. Since 15 years we work together with a local sawmill, that we visit every year.  

dasselbe in gruen e.V.

This modern portal gives you informations and a guide for sustainable and high-quality consumption. People interested in these matters can find informations about service and addresses of ecological companies and can decide if and where they can buy products that will not leave negative traces for future generations.You will even finde guidelines and informations about sustainability and ecological consumption.

Members sign a memorandum to maintain or improve their sustainability. 
For example via: ecological establishment, low-emission company vehicles, environmentally friendly production, fair business practice, usage of green electricity,  ökologische Einrichtung, schadstoffarme Firmenfahrzeuge, umweltfreundliche Produktion, faire Geschäftspraxis, Verwendung von Ökostrom, sustainable banking,  nachhaltiges Banking, ressource-friendly office supplies, fair and biological food, etc.