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Planing, Development and Production

We have been designing and manufacturing children’s furniture since 1986. From the outset, it was important for us to produce the best furniture. On one hand we had to ensure the quality and material of our furniture and on the other hand, we had to make sure that they are produced under fair conditions, in compliance with occupational and security standards for our employees and the environment.

Last but not the least, it is also imperative for us to know exactly where our materials come from. Currently, we have a vast network of suppliers of raw materials and semi-finished parts from all different areas.

The design and development of new products or purpose-built items take place in our headquarter in Cologne - at the drawing table and with modern CAD-systems.

room construction realised with our Phyta software

In Oslavany, Czech Republic, we have a  furniture factory run by 30 employees. Here we manufacture the products of our different collections at a large scale

We have a joinery in Cologne with 6 employees. It manufactures custom made orders and order prototypes in small numbers.